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Windsor Hills is a Great Community as are many of the communities all around the Walt Disney World area. But as with any resort area with so many people, personal space can be a problem. Crowded hotels, paper thin walls, doors slamming all day and night can be uncomfortable at best. See below why we are the best.

Personal Space:

Our property has the upmost privacy, and is considered the most highly sought after location in the community. It is considered a premium location, by the community builders. Other homes at Windsor Hills normally have 6 homes all adjacent to one another all within a few feet of each other. With us, you have utmost privacy. Our home is located in the center of Reedy Lake for a beautiful view of the lake and clubhouse, where other homes have the view of many loud families outside, yours is private and peaceful. Not only that, but the home to the left will not be in use during your stay, and the home to the right has several layers of privacy, so that your entire field of view is the most private location in the entire community.


At Windsor Hills, parking can be an issue, if you have more than two cars, you might not like your choices. Homes can only fit two cars in the driveways, others must park a difficult walk away or park in the street (which is against Windsor Hills policy) and can easily be damaged due from other cars pulling in and out other driveways and passing by.

At our place, we have secondary parking directly at the house, which NO OTHER HOME IN THE COMMUNITY OFFERS!!!!, so if you have more than 2 vehicles, just let us know and we will accommodate up to 4 cars.

Safety For You And Your Children

The Community Center is a great place for kids to enjoy and make friends, enjoy the pool, clubhouse, arcade, movie theater, general store, among many other things it offers and is a wonderful experience. Unfortunately most homes are a very long walk over several crossroads to get there.

Our place is the perfect place, not only can your children make a short walk to the community center, they can get there without crossing a single street. Not only that, but you can comfortably sit on your covered screened lanai and actually see them walking, and watch the community center in the back ground. Safe for you kids, peace of mind for you.

You Get What You Pay For

Budget is very important when planning a vacation. But there is a difference in getting a great rate, and sacrificing for a reduced price. Most homes in the community have very similar rates, but there are a few that rates are dramatically reduced. Please beware, typical problems are bait and switch, very undesirable location, over booking, among many others. Imagine arriving to find your being placed is very dirty, or somewhere other than you were promised or that your place is already occupied and you’re forced to stay in a hotel until the occupant’s vacation is up.

At our place, every vacation is carefully scheduled, cleaned and prepared. You’re our personal guest and it shows. We anticipate your arrival, and share in your excitement to spend time in Orlando and Walt Disney World Area.

We’re Established

Just about every home at Windsor Hills is owned by someone in another state, if not another country. They know less about their home and your stay than you do.

Not us. We have resided in Central Florida for 20 years and have been Walt Disney World Annual Passholders for 15 years. We not only manage the process ourselves, but also employ a management company for further needs. If you have any problems, we have you covered, twice over. – the best place to play, the best place to stay.

Visit the site, learn about the community, and book your vacation rental – all at one site.